For Military Veterans

If you are a military veteran then I thank you for your service as a fellow veteran.  Being in the military means we give up our time (usually years), opinions, preferences, and many times even our rights.  We write a blank check in the amount up to and including our lives and seldom get a choice as to how much that amount is.

The wounds of war are not always visible, and the healing that we need is not always bandages, medication or surgery.  Being injured is not a weakness, it is a consequence of courage and fearlessly fighting for what we believe in that requires care and healing. 

I learned many lessons in the military but mostly about being part of a team.  Being strong means relying on your team and never thinking you can do it alone.  If you are here than it is now likely time that you let others give back to you. You need good team members to work to complete your mission of a better life and I've got your six....      

Links for Veterans